Autism America

We developed this site for parents of children who are autistic. We, as parents who live with autism, experience many things over the years. We wish we had had a "blueprint" to follow along the way, so as parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and those on down the line who are living with autism 24/7/365 can tell you, we know you need help - “honest help”. We can provide you answers from credible sources that have a practical use, from people who understand autism related challenges in more than just an academic context.

- Parents of Aaron, our autistic son, providing a community of support for parents.


What we Offer

Our goal is to encourage healthy lifestyles, promote independence and inclusion, and expand personal growth to improve the quality of life for all individuals impacted by autism.

We empower parents by providing them with access to autism related resources and relevant information from credible sources that have a practical use, from people who understand autism related challenges in more than just an academic context. We believe that every person affected by autism has the right to have access to quality resources and a “blueprint” of guidance needed to develop and build life skills in order to achieve an abundance of independence.

Advocacy and Independence

• Education and Information regarding Autism, its symptom(s), and treatments.
• Unique lessons learned advice to help you respond appropriately to a specific or exclusive situation.
• Advocacy to support you with learned procedures that ensure your insurance claims get covered and paid
• Volunteer help or professional information regarding the person with Autism.
• Products we’ve used that help mitigate and better manage the numerous symptoms of the disorder.

Service Dogs

Autism Service Dog Friend

Service Dogs are trained to work for a variety of special disabilities and provide physical assistance or control for some autism behaviors.

The Human-animal interaction alleviates stress in children, reduces disruptive characteristics and abnormal behaviors. 

Service Dogs are an essential part of managing extreme cases of Autism. 

Read more: Service Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Autism Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs can assist autistic children by making them feel socially and emotionally secure.

We are now personally working with Angel and Benji, Havanese breed dogs, to reduce the severity or totally circumvent the onset of a meltdown.

Read more: Therapy Dogs

Early Intervention

We know that early diagnosis is invaluable, and early intervention is very effective.

The earlier a child receives treatment and parents receive training the easier it is on everyone, especially the child.

Read more: Early Intervention

Autism Management

Autism Management

Useful and practical products that parents and families can use to help manage Life with Autism.

Read more: Autism Management

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Autism News

Autism News -- ScienceDaily
  • Genomic 'butterfly effect' explains risk for autism spectrum disorder
    Researchers examined the genetics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by analyzing mutations in the genomes of individuals and their families. They discovered that a special kind of genetic mutation works differently from typical mutations in how it contributes to the condition.
  • Blood pressure drug can reduce anxiety for people with autism, study shows
    A new study has found that propranolol, a medication that treats high blood pressure, can also help lower anxiety for kids and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
  • How does social attention develop in autistic children?
    As they grow, children increasingly focus their attention on social elements in their environment, such as faces or social interactions. However, children with autism are often more interested in non-social stimuli, such as textures or geometric shapes. By tracking where children look while viewing a cartoon, researchers have revealed that attention in autistic children does not follow the same developmental trajectory as that of typically developing children. Instead, they each gradually develop their own unique attentional preferences.

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As a family that is personally touched by Autism, Draut and Sons sponsors and supports this website.

Draut and Sons is a Demolition, Grading and Hauling contractor serving metro Atlanta and surrounding areas in Georgia.

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