When you live on the autism spectrum like we do you soon realize that anything all natural that works is a smart way to go. I do not understand exactly how or why magnets work, therefore, we lean not on our own understanding but on the understanding of our Maker. Magnets are a natural part of God's creation, we tried them and they work for us.

Find out if  Nikken's magnetic products will work for you. See also our blog entry 

Essential Oils

Autism therapies are expensive; are you searching for practical solutions to use on a daily basis and without a big time commitment or ongoing expensive obligation?

  • Do you prefer to use all natural methods over prescription drugs?
  • Does your child need help falling asleep or staying asleep?
  • Essential oils can help modify behavior and enhance sensory therapy strategies
  • Essential oils can help reduce anxiety and improve focus and concentration

Read more about essential oils. Find out if they will work for you.

Pouch for Re-Enforcers

These Fanny Packs are a lighter version of a military web-belt with pouches to put your wallet and keys while you go jogging in shorts and shirts that have no pockets. When out and about in public we have found that these types of belts filled with treats like skittles make a good spontaneous reward for good behavior. Especially when implementing behavior modification based on Applied Behavior Analysis.

Identification Tag (Military Dog Tags)

If there is ever a moment when your heart stops it is when you see that the door leading outside of your home is ajar and your non-verbal child with autism is nowhere to be found. You would find it comforting to know that the child is wearing a tag with information on it that can get them back home.

Suggestion / Example:
First Lastname DOB
Autism Non-Verbal
StreetAddr and ZIP
MOM 678 555-1212

Fluorescent Clothes

When someone in your family has severe autism they may also be non-verbal. This means that when you call this person the chances of them answering or returning to you are pretty slim. If you ever needed to pick your loved one out from a crowd, or worse find them in a rural or wooded area. This would make a huge difference. In our case we just made ALL shirts fluorescent in color.


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