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Starting Out with Therapy Dogs

We are now personally working with Angel and Benji, Havanese, to train them as Therapy Dogs to see if they can reduce the severity or totally circumvent the onset of a meltdown. Whereas Service Dogs are trained to work for a variety of special disabilities and provide physical assistance or control for some autism behaviors, therapy dogs can assist autistic children by making them feel socially and emotionally secure.

Havanese are cheerful little dogs with big brown eyes and affectionate with people. We will post more information about our experience as we gain it, and have started a resource list at Therapy Dogs here on this website.

Skye - HavaneseLooking for a Havanese? Skye is a 4-year-old 17lbs white and black Havanese looking for a good home. She is fully vaccinated and spayed. She was rescued from an older gentleman that could no longer care for her. She would be better in a home without children and is a great companion dog. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell say why you think you would be a good fit for Skye.

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Our Experience with Magnetics

Our grandson Aaron was diagnosed severely autistic at 2 years old and was non-verbal. In 2008, I was introduced to Nikken. I had listened to many testimonies about Nikken and Autism, so we bought the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper and a Nikken Kenko Dream Comforter with magnetic technology for him. Immediately we noticed that Aaron did not flop and thrash around in the bed like he used to.

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Our Experience with Essential Oils

Autism therapies are expensive; we searched for practical solutions to use on a daily basis and without a big time commitment or ongoing expensive obligations.

With Aaron, we wanted to avoid prescription medications and use all natural methods where possible.

He needed help falling asleep and staying asleep. Essential Oils provided that help.

We found that Essential Oils modified his behavior and enhanced sensory therapy strategies.

Essential Oils also reduced his anxiety and improved his focus and concentration.

Read more about Essential Oils. Find out if they will work for you.

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