Please know that every situation is unique and before implementing any new solution you should seek advice from the professional team that provides care for the loved one that has Autism.

The information on this page was current at the time of writing, but things change. If you find any information on this page that is out of date, please do let us know by using the contact form.

Dogs play a crucial part in a child's social and cognitive development. The Human-animal interaction alleviates stress in children, reduces disruptive characteristics and abnormal behaviors. A dog's ability to calm autistic children gives the child an increased attention span, and a greater aptitude for learning. The Service Dogs act as an anchor when the child is tethered to the dog. Having a service dog can create freedom for the child to go outside of the house safely and confidently, which expands a child's capability to experience more of life and to grow, improving a child's socialization and behavior skills.

Service Dogs are an essential part of managing extreme cases of Autism. Here are some Organizations:

A service dog can be trained to do:

Alerting -

No matter how much you see and eliminate as a potential risk, Children with Autism will eventually find a way to circumvent the safety. However a Dog can make a big difference in these situations. We had a dog that NEVER barked... Except when my boy was climbing into the fish tank or when he found his way out of our home at 2:30 in the morning.

Nudge -

Our dog is trained to Nudge with its nose. When our son is stemming or fitting, we have the dog nudge him with it's cold nose. It brings him back around to manageability much sooner.

Tug -

As in helping to pull off a coat.

Tether -

A child may not respond to your call. But, if you link the dog to the child and call the dog, the child will arrive with dog.

Ultimate Friend -

My son is mostly in his own little world even when others are trying very hard to play with him and include him. However, his dog is always there for him. The dog at times I believe IS his closest friend that staves off any loneliness he might otherwise be subject to, because every time my son rejoins this reality, his dog is there with him.